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Coral Gables Attractions

Coral Gables offers great weather in the sun, but there are also tons of attractions that will keep you busy during your stay. If you are planning a getaway to this hot spot any time soon, there are a few locations that you will definitely want to check out while you are there. This is known as a city of beauty and this is for good reason. Everywhere you turn there is something that will catch your eye. It is a place where art and culture are in abundance and there is a lot to do from relaxing poolside to checking out the art that is on display. You just need to know what the top attractions are in Coral Gables before you plan your next trip.

Here are some of the top attractions in Coral Gables:

The Miracle Mile

This just might be the most popular attraction that you can find in Coral Gables. There are tons of ships and boutiques for miles that have everything to offer for just about anyone. This includes everything from shopping, dining, art galleries and wine tastings. There is nothing that you will not be able to find on the miracle mile. You can spend days on end in this location when you are in Coral Gables. Just be sure that you give yourself plenty of time to spend on the miracle mile because there is so much to see and do which will keep you busy. This is a great attraction to see while you are staying in the city for any amount of time.

Cafe Italiano

There are many different restaurants that you can choose to dine at while you are in Coral Gables, but this cafe is one of the most popular and known for having amazing food. This means that if you are looking for the perfect place to have a meal, this is the location that you should choose. They get their ingredients imported from Italy, so you know that the dishes are authentic and taste amazing. It really is the perfect spot to have breakfast be wise the crepes are something that people just can’t get enough of. This is a restaurant attraction that people just can’t get enough of when they are visiting Coral Gables. Traditional gelato from this cafe is also something that you need to try during your stay.

Hammock Park

It is important that you spend some of your time in Coral Gables outside. You need to enjoy the sunshine and the great weather that this city has to offer. This is a really famous park within the city and it is one that you can spend the entire day exploring. There are trails and hiking paths that you can try out when you are spending some of your days in Coral Gables.
There are many attractions that will keep you occupied while you are in the city, but these are just a few that will get you started and ensure that you see everything.

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