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Tongue Tie Video Gallery

Interview with Dr. Leslie Haller at her previous office location in Lauderhill, FL. She is no longer in Lauderhill. The office is now at 348 Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables, FL. Free consultations are no longer being offered.

Dr Haller doing a lingual frenectomy on a 17 year old
Here is an excellent video for helping you do post frenectomy exercises with your baby. It is done by Dr. Rajeev Agarwal who is a pediatrician who uses the same CO2 laser that Dr. Haller uses.
The video “Finding Connor Deegan” tells the story of a boy who had sleep apnea from an undiagnosed tongue tie and allergies.
This video tells the story of a young boy who never spoke until a dentist diagnosed and released his tongue tie.

Tongue Tie Consultation

Dr. Leslie Haller is a leading expert in laser tongue tie surgery and therapy.

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