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Alternatives to CPAP Miami


The first system created for treating sleep apnea, and the gold standard today, is the CPAP machine. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.

This system consists of a face or nose mask attached to a machine that generates continuous pressure through the nose to force the airway to stay open even when muscles relax. It is not really a treatment but rather, a maintenance device because it must be worn every night for the rest of a patient’s life. While this method is effective, many people find the machine cumbersome to wear. And maintaining the machine can be time consuming and annoying, so compliance is not always good.


Alternatives to CPAP that a dentist can provide

1) MAD Device – Mandibular Advancement devices

A less cumbersome maintenance method is the mandibular advancement appliance.


This is a custom-made dental appliance which goes by many names and comes in many styles but essentially prevents the lower jaw from falling back to prevent airway collapse. This is not always quite as effective as the CPAP machine, but compliance is much better because people find it easier to wear than a mask with a hose. Many people like this alternative because it is easy to travel with and requires less maintenance than a CPAP machine.

These devices should be made by a dentist trained in dental sleep medicine. Here in Coral Gables, Dental Solutions of South Florida makes these custom mandibular advancement devices and many people are very happy with them. However, these are also maintenance devices that must be replaced every 3-5 years and worn for the rest of a patient’s life.

2) Permanent Alternative to CPAP – Nonsurgical Painless Airway Expansion

The newest and most advanced method for treating restricted airways is to use dental appliances to expand the upper and lower airways permanently. This has always been possible in children because their jaws are still growing. As dentists, we have all been taught that adult jaws can only be expanded surgically. Not so anymore! We now know that there are stem cells in the periodontal ligaments surrounding teeth and that gentle stimulation of those cells in an appropriate way can create natural bone growth to expand the jaws slowly over time. Expanding the upper jaw in three dimensions enlarges the sinuses and nasal passages for easier nose breathing and sinus drainage. Expansion in both jaws creates more room for the tongue to stay out of the airway.

After 15 months, this airway increased from 7.7 to 24.1 cm2

We have seen other wonderful “side-effects” from improving the jaws such as:

  • less or eliminated TMJ pain
  • less or eliminated neck and back pain
  • fewer or eliminated headaches – including migraines!
  • less or eliminated reflux
  • improved skin cognition from increased oxygen to the body
  • improved “mental fog” from increased oxygen to the brain
  • and, of course, less fatigue, fewer afternoon “crashes” and waking up feeling refreshed rather than not wanting to get out of bed.

Dental Solutions of South Florida is located in Coral Gables, a near suburb of Miami but you don’t have to drive through downtown Miami to get to us.  We use the VIVOS system of appliance therapy for airway expansion. This system uses a series of appliances that are worn only in the evenings and all night. It is painless, nonsurgical and literally stimulates the body to grow a larger airway. It can take between one and two years, depending on your case, but is a permanent solution rather than just maintenance. For more information, click on VIVOS.


If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of an obstructed airway during sleep,
the risk of developing potentially serious health conditions is increased.

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